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Articulation Manual (Scripts and Gestures)

Articulation Manual (Scripts and Gestures)

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Research states that we need to teach our students through explicit and systematic instruction. With all of my hours of reading, studying and professional development opportunities, I have created a manual to support you with all I have learned for phoneme articulation summed up into this one manual!

This manual will help you explicitly teach each phoneme and its corresponding grapheme.

It will guide you with proper instruction of understanding continuous and stopped sounds.

It provides you with a clear script to teach each letter, digraph and vowel team with your learners.

A scope and sequence is provided as well as a phonics word list.

This amazing resource goes perfectly with my matching Sound Wall organized by articulation- which is brand NEW!

Included :

Articulation Flash cards (with cues) BEST SELLER

Getting Reading Notes

Key Terms Glossary

Scope and Sequence (alphabet, digraph, vowel teams, diphthongs, R-Controlled Vowels)

Phoneme//Grapheme List

Continuous and Stop Sounds Chart

Phonics Word Lists

Cues and Simple Scripts for proper articulation of every letter/team, etc.

Total pages 164 pages total

*This is a digital download. Once you have made your purchase you will receive a PDF file*

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