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Literacy and Lindsay

Decode & Draw - Blends and Digraphs

Decode & Draw - Blends and Digraphs

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This entire series is created to help students learn new phonics skills, to decoding and blending into words, then phrases and sentences.

This particular set focuses on DIGRAPHS and BLENDS

Digraphs- /ch/, /sh/, /th/, /ng/

R Blends (e.g. frog, drip, etc.)

L Blends (e.g. clam, flip, etc.)

S Blends (e.g. swim, skip, etc.)


2 books per skill a total of 12 books (each book contains 6 words to decode then draw, plus a writing page to practice the skill at the end)

2 passages per skill a total of 12 (beside each passage is a space to illustrate demonstrating comprehension of what they read)

*This is a digital download. Once you have made your purchase you will receive a PDF file*

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