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Mouth Articulation Flash Cards & INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO

Mouth Articulation Flash Cards & INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO

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These sound articulation cards are one of my BEST SELLERS help students to better understand how sounds and symbols work together. Students learn from speech to print and this resource supports just that! NEW-  movements AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO included!

I use these cards as part of my auditory drills- similar to flash cards to help my students with articulation and to make the connection to the grapheme/letter.

This resource is based off my BEST SELLING SOUND WALL resource and it includes 26 letters of the alphabet, digraphs, long vowels and vowel teams.


Video showing articulation cues and gestures

26 letters of the alphabet

7 digraphs

12 vowel cards

(each sound has a matching cue card, print double sided)

97 Slides Total

*This is a digital download. Once you have made your purchase you will receive a PDF file*

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