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Literacy and Lindsay

Phonics Posters & Spelling Rules

Phonics Posters & Spelling Rules

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Digital Download and Google Slides

Use these posters in your classroom to display some of the common phonics and spelling rules. There are 30 posters in this set AND Google Teaching Slides are included! A great way to explicitly teach phonics! I use my posters again and again every year!


-beginning /k/ sound

-every syllable needs a vowel

-whiny a

-ending /k/ sound

-soft c and g



-consonant blends

-glued sounds

-ghost digraphs

-open syllables

-closed syllables


-the jobs of silent <e>

-the sounds of <y>

-g spells /j/

-ch or tch


-r-controlled vowels

-sounds of <ed>


-Wild Old Words

-sounds of <oi> and <ou>

-doubling rule

*This is a digital download. Once you have made your purchase you will be emailed a PDF file.

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