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NEW Sound Wall Cards with diverse photos AND SPELLING CARDS

NEW Sound Wall Cards with diverse photos AND SPELLING CARDS

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Research says that we don't store words based on memory. A sound wall is a better option as it helps students to better understand how sounds and symbols work together. Students learn from speech to print and this resource supports just that!

This BRAND NEW resource includes real photos (authentic learning), diverse mouth articulation for all 26 letters of the alphabet, digraphs and vowel teams what is SPECIAL about this sound wall is it is color coded and organized by manner of articulation. (stops, nasals, fricatives, affricates, liquids, glides, 2 sounds and vowels) and included are voiced and unvoiced cards!

AND INCLUDED is my Scope and Sequence (the order in which you should teach theses sounds) and an overview of how I teach each letter as well as a 12 page Teacher Guide.

Why is articulation important? When we explicitly teach the shape your mouth makes when articulating the sound, the less chance for error or learning problems in the future.

This resource is an excellent pairing with my Articulation Manual.

With your purchase you will get 2 different styles, to suit your needs. One set where the mouth articulations are separate (great for small spaces) and one set where they together. Each set is color coded based on articulation.


26 letters of the alphabet

7 digraphs

18 Vowel Cards

Scope and Sequence

2 styles to choose from

****NEW 100+ Spelling Word Cards****

****NEW 12 Page Teacher Guide****

150 Pages

*This is a digital download. Once you have made your purchase you will receive a PDF file*

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